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The Old Story
Thomas Cottney Blames the Treating Habit for His Getting Drunk

Thomas Cottney, a man about 50 years of age, was before Justice Shepard last Saturday, charged with being drunk. He has been picked up on the stairs in the Bank block on Friday and was in a comatose condition. When brought before the bar of justice he told of his downfall. He said he had been in Camp 11 working to save money for his two daughters, who lived in Grand Rapids. He had saved about $30 which he had with him at camp, and with his time check he started for Boyne Falls. Arriving there he met a man he knew, who asked him to have a drink. After one drink he felt he must treat back, and ordered them set up again. He said with tears in his eyes that was all he drank. After taking two drinks he started for Boyne City to get his time cashed, and when he got off the train he was in a pitiable condition of intoxication.

When arrested he had about $30 on his person, and Justice Shepard told him if he would go out an buy a postoffice order for each of his daughters for $10 and would go to Grand Rapids he would make the punishment a fine of $5. The man readily consented and purchased two postoffice orders for his girls and then got a ticket for the furniture city. If local option had been in force this poor man would have been saved from a very uncomfortable predicament.

Base Ball
Boyne City Will Have Team of the Best Home Talent

While all other teams and base ball enthusiasts in the country are preparing for the season now in sight, there have been taken here steps toward the perfection of a base ball organization to represent Boyne City on the green diamond the coming season of the best talent obtainable in the city.

There is all kinds of materil avail- for the makeup of the term, right here in town. Practically all the players of last year's victorious team are available for this season's team and players from outside are seeking a chance to break into the local game, believing Boyne City to be one of the best ball towns along the line of the lake. It is expected that within a few days or so something will be doing when a ball team will be formed and officers selected to handle the reins of base ball government.

--For Sale - One of the best farms in Charlgvoix county. 60 acres, all cleared but five acres. Fine orchard of 7 acres, containing all kinds of fruit. Plenty of stove wood. Three good springs. Good heavy soil. One mile from town. Will take house and lot for first payment, balance on easy terms. Farm is known as the Melosh farm, one mile back of the Tannery. Call or address Box 153 Boyne City.

--Bring in anything and everything in the line of household furniture and implments to the big sale at Millspaugh's Exchange corner Park and State streets, Saturday, March 6.

--A nice line of clover Alfa Alfa and Timothy Seed at the Farmers' Store. All high grade and fresh seed. Also bulk and box garden seeds in abundance. 321 S. Lake Street, exact centre of the city.

Burns vs. Sperry
The 210 Pound Man Says He Will Throw Burns 3 Times in An Hour

When Jack Sperry of Cincinnati, Ohio, the big 210 pound man tackles Frank Burns of this city, Friday night, at the Athletic Club, and tries to put the local man's shoulders to the mat three times in one hour, he will have the hardest job he ever tackled. Sperry says there will be nothing to it but to throw Burns as fast as he can get up, but there are a lot of people who think that Sperry will change his mind a little when he is on the mat a while. Burns is training hard for his match with Sperry and the hard knocks he is putting in for this match is also helping him to get in shape for the championship match with Bleakley. Burns says it is a cinch for him to make 148 pounds, as he is only three pounds over that weight at present. Burns would have like to wrestle Bleakly at 142 or 145 pounds, but he let Bleakley name the weight so he could not have an excuse after the match.

High Class Concert
Given By the ******** Band at the Opera House Friday Evening

The Boyne City Marine Band will give their concert on Firday evening March *** 5th at Bellamy Opera House, and all lovers of good music should be there as the program has been very carefully arranged and every number will be fine.

There will be some good heavy music for those who have a taste for the works of the old composers while plenty of light and popular music will be interspersed for those who have a liking for something in a lighter vien.

The same male quartette that sang at the Board of Trade banquet, will render several popular selections and comic songs, have been provided for those who prefer the bright side of music, while a rousing farce entitled the Dutch Automobilists will conclude the brogram. Don't miss seeing this concert.

Hardware Changes Hands
The Manufacturing & Supply Company Have Purchased the Stock of J. T. Boylan

The Manufacturing & Supply Company of this city has purchased the entire hardware stock of J. T. Boylan, in the Odd Fellows' Temple and are now busy taking inventory and moving the same into their new building on Lake street. This department of the Company's business will be under the charge of Mr. Boylan and the same will be opened in a few days.

--List your real estate at Millspaugh's Exchange, corner State and Park street, as the BIG SALE take place Saturday, March 6, at which time several first class propositions will be put up to the highest bidder.

--Five more days to get the benefit of I. Nurko's sale.

--Any amount of half dry beech and maple wood at Madden & Houghton's.