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"Old David Allen"
Will Be Given at the Opera House by Local Talent

Our local order of Ladies of the Modern Maccabees have all preliminary arrangements completed for the production of the play "Old David Allen" which will take place at the Bellamy Opera House, Tuesday evening, March 2. This is one of the pretty quaint, home-like plays, where inconsistency is an unknown quantity. The ladies have used excellent judgement in the selections for the various characters, for the entire cast will be made up of Boyne's young people, a more promising array of talent would be difficult to find. The parts have been in the hands of the players for some days, The exceptionally long time having been given them in order that every little detail may be carefully developed, and the play placed before the public with all the completeness of the professional production.

There is seldom a play that pleases all classes, only really great ones do. It is like a refreshing breath of spring, pure in every word and action, with not a situation line or suggestion which is absolutely free from paint, and the comedy is of the wholesome honest brand. It is made up of plenty of sunshine and live with just a touch of sadness and tears. "Old David Allen" contains clean comedy, genuine pathos, pure and honest fun. The story is one of life with its hopes, disappointments and smiles.

Early Closing
The Movement to Close at 8 O'clock Looks Successful

We the under signed Merchants of Boyne City do hereby agree and promise to close our respective places of business to the retailing of merchandise of any kind, at eight o'clock, p. m. standard time, excepting on all pay nights, Saturday nights, and for two weeks previous to Christmas for the year 1909. This agreement to go into effect Feb. 15, 1909.

Frank Kaden                J. Silverstein
J. E. Miller                    Alex. Sayed
C. W. Moore                Quick Bros.
Beeman & Beeman      J. G. Carr & Co.
C. C. Schaub                Lalond Bros.
W. H. Arbuckle & Son   J. H. Parker
W. R. Niergarth            L. Byram & Co.
C. H. Tooley                  J. T. Boylan
Herron & Son                Kennard Gerrie
A. Ingersoll                    I. Nurko
A. T. Johnson                S. E. Edelstein
W. H. Selkirk                 O. T. Johnson
                Simon Dosie

Burns Victorious
In the Most Interesting Match Ever Witnessed Here

The best wrestling match of the season so far was that winessed at the Opera House last Friday night when Frank Burns of this city met Wm. McDetrick of Akron, Ohio. McDetrick weighted 18 pounds more than Burns, and it was easily seen that Burns had his hands full in the big fellow. Burns secured the first fall in 31 minutes after the livliest and hardest kind of work on the part of both men. Each would get his man in a hold that it seemed impossible to break, only to wiggle out again in apparently easy fashion. This continued until first fall was secured. In the second rouund both men went after each other, Burns determined to win and McDeterich to regain his lost honors. After 17 minutes of wrestling McDeterick took the second fall in one of the most interesting contests ever seen in Northern Michigan. After a rest of five minutes the men stepped to the middle of the mat and shook hands, and then began the battle for victory, both men working fast and furious, but it was plain to be seen that the pace Burn's was cutting out for his antagonist could not be maintained, as the big fellow was puffing hard, With Burns on top he secured a half nelson and crotch hold and forced McDeterick to the mat. After Burns got up his opponent lay there, for a few minutes unconscious from the terrific struggle. He was helped to his feet and in a few moments regained his composure, and Burns was declared the winner amid much enthusiasm. McDeterick thanked the audience for kindness shown him and stated that he woulh admit Burns was the undefeated champioe middleweight aud he was satisfiep.

The next match will be between Burns and Ora Shay, of Reading, Mich., who challenged the winner of the above match. This match will take place in the rooms of the Boyne City Athletic Club, over Bailey's Drug store, and should and should bring forth a big crowd, as Shay claims the title of champion of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

Clyde Bleakely, of Detroit has sent on $25 to post as a forfeit for a match with Burns at 145 pounds, for the championship of Michigan, both men to make the same weight.

County Normal Notes

Commissioner J. H. Milford visited the Normal class Tuesday and Wednesday. He gave a very interesting talk which we enjoyed by all the class.

The class has been divided into two divisions. Each division is now making weather charts.

Jessie Metz substituted in second and third grade room in the central building, Wednesday morning for Miss Crowell who was ill.

The class have been designing church windows and making valentine in their drawing work.

County Road Institute

The county road institute for Charlevoix county will be held at Charlevoix on February 27, beginning at 10 a. m.

Highway commissioners in attendance will receive their expenses and one day's pay. Everyone interested in the question of good roads is cordially invited to attend. The session will be held in the county court house.