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Our Line Column

For Rent

--Furnished rooms to rent 219 Main street.

Lost and Found

--Lost-A right hand fur mitten please leave at this office.

--Lost-A small black and tan shaggy dog with red collar. Call J. B. Kirby, 327,

--Lost-Mamail Dresden silk bag containing a pair of spectacles and some fancy work. Please return to Mrs. W. S. Shaw, or the Citizen office.

For Sale - Miscellaneous

--For Sale-Household furniture, consisting of everything used in housekeeping. Call at 407 East Main street.

--For Sale-At once, organ book case, cupboard, dresser, range, heater ringer and chairs. L. B. Moyer 308 Douglas street.

For Sale-Sound work horse-Chas. Cassady Waloon Lake.

--For Sale-Good second hand cook stove cheap. Inquire 217 Terrace and second street.

--For Sale-A good coal or wood heater. Mrs. J. Schagane, 623 S. Lake street.

--For Sale or Trade-A new 11 room house and 13 acres of land and good well.

--For Sale-Second hand furniture bed mattress and springs, set dining chairs, couch, kitchen cabinet, heating stove, kitchen table and other things cheap call and see them. 211 1/2 Lake street. T. J. Wood.

--See the fine window display of hats and neckwear at the Hub, on Lake street.

--Any amount of half dry beech and maple wood at Madden & Houghton's.

The Board of Supervisors met in an adjourned session at Charlevoix today.


As I do not know the address of the parties named below and who have goods stored in the ware house, I will have to sell the same if the storage is not settled on or before the 1st. day of March 1909.

J. Cornell                  Mrs. Williams
J. Trevo                    Rusco Ogden
Bert Ward                 Bert Ferris
Mrs. F. McKenzee     Ed Hannah
W. W. Bettis

        W. J. Lewis

Card of Thanks

We do hereby wish to thank those who so kindly aided us in the sickness and death of our beloved baby, Charley, also those who sent the lovely flowers and wreaths.

        Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Land.

--S. B. Stackus has received a nice lot of new picture moulding, of the latest styles and patterns. If you have any pictures that need framing don't fail to see him.

High School Echos

A Lincoln bust statue adorns the high school room. It is a life size structure.

The first high school basket ball team was defeated by East Jordan, Saturday night. The score was as follows; East Jordan 31; Boyne City 19. This is one game for each city as East Jordan was defeated in this city two weeks ago.

Ernest Wickett will take steps towards being a star actor. He will act in "Old David Allen," which will appear before the public soon directed by William Griffen.

The Lincoln Centenial was celebrated by the high school Friday afternoon. A program was arranged and the afternoon was enjoyed by all.

Boyne City is now two and nine tenths per cent above the Charlevoix high school in the spelling contest. The Sophs deserve credit as they received a one hundred standing. They were always the black sheep to the high school in the contests before.

A party of high school girls drove over to East Jordan to see the game, Saturday night.

The freshmen are getting fresher everyday, especially N. O.

Floyd Bowman is a great compromiser. He showed his talent in East Jordan Saturday night.

To My Patrons

I have sold to E. M. Kennedy all my interest in news, candy and yeast agency. All bills due from Feb. 1, on News are payable to him. I also extend my good will and recommend him to my customers for fare dealing.

        Signed, C. W. Kibbey

Last Friday, February 12, the occasion being the centennial anniversary of Lincoln's birthday. Walter Clifford and Corps met in their room in K. O. T. M. hall and pertook of an excellant dinner served by the ladies of the W. R. C. after which they marched in a body to the M. E. church when they rendered the program as outlined in the Citizen of previous dates, assisted by Prof. Weaver and E. V. Smith with and instrumental medley of old time melodies appropriate to the occasion. There were about 15 of the comrades and 30 of W. R. C. in line.

On Thursday of this week will occur the "Hard Times" dance of the Mystic Workers of the World and a good time is assured all who attend.

--School District No. 1 Frl. want to purchase, for delivery on or before April 1st., 100 cords of 4 foot wood to be delivered at the new brick building, the wood to be sound hardwood. Four foot wood may consist of limbs and should be split so as to be not more than 8 inches in diameter. For particulars as or price and terms see I. Nurko or J. M. Harris Secretary.

Last Saturday morning Hyson Collier, son of Peter Collier, was driving over the lake from Advance, and when about the middle of the lake the horses took fright and ran away, throwing Hyson out onto the hard ice breaking two ribs, cutting a gash in his head and otherwise injuring him. He was brought to Dr. Marshall's office and his wounds were attended to, which proved to be quite severe. The horses took on down the lake towards the tannery where both struck thin ice and went into the water but were rescued by people on the road who had seen them coming up the lake on the run.

--Pianos and organs at factory prices on very easy payments, also a fine line of Edison phonograph's including, attachments for sale to play both the two and five minute records. Get our prices and find out that you can do better in Boyne City than you can in Chicago. Latest sheet music at Francis Music Store.

--Don't forget the large line of furnishing goods at The Hub. Up to the minute in style.

Local and Personal

Mrs. Geo. Wagner of Traverse City is in the city visiting friends.

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Isbell are in Chicago on a pleasure trip for a week.

Prosecuting Attorney Nicholas was in the city yesterday investigating the selling of liquor to minors in this city.

There were 23 cases in the city the first of this month where water was turned off on account of non-payment of water taxes.

Raine Davis, who had a narrow escape while coupling cars at Camp 11 last week, is able to be out with his head done up in bandages.

The W. H. White Co. are rushing in a lot of logs they are lumbiring from a section of land in Wilson township, which land they have sold.

The city fire whistle has been transferred from its place at the Combination Mill to the old place at the engine house of the Big Mill.

William Rankin, the brakeman, who was injured by falling from the tail board of an engine near the Cooperage about ten days ago, is able to be out with the aid of a crutch.

There is a heavy penalty imposed upon tampering with rural mail boxes and this includes the placing in the boxes of hand bills, or other matter designed for the owner of the box by any person other than the authorized carriers.

Miss Alta Burr came down from Charlevoix last Friday to visit her brother Redmond Burr, and left here Wednesday morning for Boyne City where she will visit a sister. -- Central Lake Torch.

--The subjects at the Vaudette for tonight are; "Stolen Plans, and Willie's Fall from Grace." A Fashionable Hat, and the Pretty Flower Girl". Illustrated song, "When the Violets Bloom Near."

A valentine party was held by Miss Marie Green Saturday night at her home on North Lake street. A large number of her friends were present and had a most enjoyable time. Refreshments were served and the parth broke up at a late hour.

Free-Methodist meetings will be held in the Whitley block on Lake street every evening commencing next Monday Feb. 22 continuing for an indefinite length of time. Rev. Bartlett of Central Lake, will be in charge. Everybody cordially invited.

The earnings of the G. R. & I. railroad for January show an increase over January, 1908, of 12 per cent. The showing is still 20 per cent short of the total for January, 1907, but that month's business was the biggest in the history of the road. The gain to old-form begin to be apparent in December, but was strongly marked last month. It seems so be general up and down the line of the road.

--I have a fly shuttle loom for weaving carpets and rugs. Leave order at W. Munday 801 S. Park street.

--Furnished rooms to rent 219 Main street.

--Bargains of all kinds at I. Nurko's sale.

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Edelstein is quite sick.

The ice harvest is at full swing and the ice is fine and of good quality.

Supt. of the poor Meyers was a Boyne City visitor on business this week.

--Get your spring linoleums and carpets at I. Nurko's sale at a big reduction.

E. C. Gale, of Albion, is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Leavenworth.

Meeting of directors of the Board of Trace at the Council rooms on Wednesday evening.

Justice of the Peace E. H. Shepard has opened a law and justice office in the Council rooms.

Farmers are taking advantage of the good sleighing and bringing in lots of wood and logs.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heuschele are rejoicing over the arrival of a young son at their home on State street.

--Two gentlemen can rent large furnished bed room with board if desired at 119 West Cedar steet

W. R. McCuiston wants all those intending to order ice cream for Washington's birthday to get their order in early, as there are many others in now.

Walter Guy Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilver Davis, aged about 2 year, died last week of meningitis. The funeral occurred Saturday and burial was made in Maple Lawn.

The alarm of fire last Sunday was caused by flames being discovered in the house near the cooperage, and occupied by Chris Mahnke. The flames were soon extinguished with little damage.

The directors of the Boyne City base ball club will hold a meeting in the Central Drug Store at 8 o'clock tonight for the purpose of laying plans for a fast team for Boyne City next summer.

As we go to press we learn that a man was killed this morning in one of the W. H. White Lumber Co's camps near Thumb Lake. His remains will be brought here tonight. His name could not be learned or the particulars.

F Schuler, whill working on logs Saturday at the mill No. 2 of the W. H. White Co., had the misfortune to have his knee cap broken. Dr. W. E. Tew was called and attended the injured man, who will be laid up some time.

E. M. Kennedy has purchased the news, cand, stationary and yeast agency of C. W. Kibby, and as soon as the building can be put in shape will remove his racket store to same place. It is Mr. Kennedy's intention to have a neat and up to date business and invites the public to call on him.

Don't miss Friday's Citizen, when will be started the greatest Serial story of the day, "The Man from Mississippi." This story was put on in New York and had a great run at the theatre and attracted crowded houses at a long run. It deals with men of affairs in the senate of the U.S. and abounds with stories of graft intermixed with a great love story. It is a companion story of "The Man of the Hour". Don't fail to read it.

A sleighride party of about 30 young people headed by Elder Leonard Dudley all of East Jordan came over to Boyne City last Friday evening to attend the Boyne Religio of the Latter Day Saints. After the service a very pretty and interesting entertainment was put on which was enjoyed immensely by all. Sandwiches and hot postum were then served and at a late or rather a very early hour, all srarted home rejoicing.

--I. Nurko's sale lasts till March 6, 1909.